What happens when an LCD screen becomes static?


First of all, can not use vacuum cleaner for cleaning, because it will produce a strong static electricity, so the humidity in the workplace should be more than 60% RH60% . Do not touch the external leads, circuit board metal frame, if contact must be made, the module and the human body to maintain the same potential. Segment Code screen products for small box thick products, generally 4.0 um, there are manufacturers to do 3.5 um, because the box thick small, LCD capacity is slightly weak, so anti-static ability is also weakened.

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1, AIR DISCHARGE 15KV (non-contact discharge) , 5CM from the LCD screen, respectively hit the LCD screen 4 corners and a point in the middle, 10 consecutive discharge, the screen appears the bright line caused by static electricity, the disappearance time is about 5 ~ 10s. After the static electricity disappears, the LCD display is normal. 

2, contact discharge 8KV, contact hit LCD SCREEN 4 corners and the middle point respectively, continuous discharge 10 times, the screen appears the bright line caused by static electricity, the disappearance time is about 5 ~ 10s, after static electricity disappeared, LCD display is normal. CONCLUSION: 1. The Static Electricity of LCD bare screen is related to the humidity of the environment, the screen size and the display area. The larger the humidity, the faster the static electricity disappears. LCD factory, according to customer needs, will appropriately increase the anti-static dosage of LCD screen, but anti-static agent, will increase the LCD screen current consumption, need to be adjusted according to customer module driving current,-in general, not recommended to add. 

3, usually the module factory will be based on the LCD screen, the design of electrostatic discharge circuit, through the conduction to release electrostatic grounding. Static electricity is a non-repairable damage, must be careful, not careless, take out or put back into the bag or move position, also need to be extra careful, do not generate static electricity, do not change the packaging or discard the source of packaging. Operating Electric Screwdriver and other tools must be good, no leakage, the most important thing is to use welding iron must be well grounded, no leakage

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