10 inch LCD screen, how big is it?

by:Genyu     2020-01-02

when we talk about the size, the first thing we think about is the mobile phone, from the original black and white mobile phone 1. Starting from, it developed to intelligent machine 4. 5 inch 5. 0 inch 5. 2 inch 5. 5 inch 7. 0 inch. 9. 7 inch, 10 inch, etc. , electronic products are constantly updated and the technology is becoming more and more advanced. So what Jingyao wants to talk to you today is the 10 inch-inch LCD screen produced by Jingyao.

10 inch LCD screen, how big is it? 10 inch refers to the distance between the diagonal lines of the screen, which is 26 cm. Today's computer screens are generally widescreen, that is, the ratio of 16 to 9, so it looks like the screen is a rectangle and flat, it is more effective when watching movies. The 10 inch-inch LCD screen is widely used, so the most common one is tablet computers. How about the 10 inch-inch LCD screen produced by Shenzhen Jingyao? Come and have a look with me.

whether a product is good or not should be considered from the brand, size, composition, resolution, brightness, contrast display color, backlight type, signal type, supplier, etc.

The 10 inch-inch LCD screen produced by Jingyao has a very rich supplier resource system and a stable supply of core materials for a long time, strategic cooperation with internationally renowned LCD, IC and other key component manufacturers. It adopts a sunlight viewing scheme with a resolution of 1200*1920 and a module size of 142. 8*228. 2, module brightness 350, and 360 degree full viewing angle, can be stored in high temperature and high humidity environment, working temperature- 20 degrees ~ 70 degrees, support Linux, Android, Windows platform, can resist 1. 5m drop.

jing yao production of 10 inch liquid crystal display main for hand-held terminal triple protection mobile phone, medical equipment, Internet of Things equipment such as industry Terminal brand customer, welcome everyone to order ,!

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