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by:Genyu     2020-08-12
21, Qingdao Hisense Electric officially announced the launch of the second phase of the LCD module, to create the second LCD module production line. The new line can be achieved over large-size 47-inch module production. Hisense is expected the project will be completed in July, will then be able to achieve an annual capacity of 1.5 million. The industry believes that the second phase put into operation, marking the module business Hisense entered a substantive stage. According to Hisense statement that they will be applied in the second phase of the backlight module with independent intellectual property rights, thus greatly improving the integration of product function and structure of innovation capabilities, and ultimately product differentiation. According to report, Hisense early as September last year to cooperate with the Taiwan Chi Mei built China's first TV LCD module production line, six months, the single shift production capacity of 1,200 units, product quality rate of 99% or more. Choose to march more than Hisense LCD module. The same month 7, Skyworth equity investment company based in South Korea LGD LCD module plant in Guangzhou; 11, Konka, Guangzhou factory also plans to join the LGD, but not more than 5% of the shares; 15, another TV giant TCL also announced their own site located in Huizhou, the LCD module. For the first time in the domestic flat-panel shows the same companies, the industry view, suffering from CRT and LCD panel price war suffering of the Chinese color TV monopoly ends, through joint ventures, collective march on to the upstream. Multiple positive Overall understanding of domestic color TV with a common background. LCD module is mainly on the LCD screen and backlight components and other components for assembly. At present, the assembly has been the lack of appropriate technology, LCD module highly dependent on imports, resulting in the development of domestic color TV enterprises was severely restricted. Introduction to the correspondents, analysts, because of upstream resources are controlled by foreign capital procurement hands, making the purchase cost of domestic enterprises is almost the same, in this case, they are good at the original price war ineffective. With the foreign take-all model of development of upstream and downstream, and gradually squeeze domestic flat-panel TV market space. Data show that in the first quarter, flat panel TV line overseas market has been occupied more than 50% market share. In addition to opportunity to reverse the unfavorable situation, a series of favorable factors of domestic TV manufacturers are also an important reason to take the initiative. The first is cost reduction machine can be achieved certain results. It knows the inside story of flat-panel TV industry chain, industry sources said machine through the progressive realization of the modules and parts made, you can fully control and reduce procurement costs. 'Self-made LCD modules cost less than outsourcing.' Hisense Electric, General Manager Liu Hongxing, said, 'through its own module production line can save 5% of the costs, thereby enhancing the profitability of enterprises.' Experts in the industry value chain, the whole range of value-added part of only 25% to 35%, the introduction of the design and manufacture of LCD module, the 'modular machine' in the form can be added to 60% range . Profits increased significantly, making a number of business-to-be launched very persistent module, No expense was spared. For example, TCL on the twists and turns, the annual output of 2.33 million, one-year construction period for the Huizhou project funded 1.4 billion. TCL side has done on the project earlier estimated, after the completion of its LCD modules per year net profit of $ 30,000,000. 'Through the whole system and module design to achieve internal standard, external differentiation, thereby enhancing the overall competitiveness of the product.' The experts also believe that the competitiveness of domestic color TV than in the past greatly enhanced. 'Three years ago, domestic and foreign brands in the price difference of 1 million, the difference is now less than 1 thousand dollars.' More importantly, cooperation with foreign modules, but also to build alliances, to secure a stable source screen. Small shares of marriage, such as Konka to LGD, only with industry alliance formed to ensure the screen supply. The Skyworth also because to some extent solved the supply of LCD modules, which cooperate with the LGD, the announcement in the LCD module production plant, opposite a large new LCD TV production plant. In addition, the industry also believes that TV companies cut the greatest significance module is built with the module production base, to attract foreign parts factories in China, leading to faster formation of industrial agglomeration effect. If China has factories throughout the LCD industry chain, companies can in the country directly through the machine with the docking module to reduce the middle of the circulation, accelerate turnover and reduce logistics costs. It is also worth mentioning that the threshold field module production is much lower than the screen, the technology is relatively weak, not strong financial strength of Chinese enterprises, both financial and risk tolerance range. Industry believe that the advance into a module is more robust approach. It is understood, TCL Group of 14 billion investment, only a total investment of 28.0 billion Julong optical one-twentieth of the amount.
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