7-inch LCD screen, what kind of manufacturer is better?

by:Genyu     2020-01-02

I want to find a 7-inch LCD screen. I don't know how to start. The past supply chain can't cooperate. After thinking about it, I search on the internet. Now I pay attention to the Internet era, more and more people are looking for business opportunities and suppliers online. This is a customer looking for a 7-inch LCD screen on the Internet, and finally chose Jingyao to see how we can achieve win-win cooperation.

customers searched the '7-inch LCD screen' on the internet and saw our website: http://www . Chinasunyee. Com/, so I went to the website to see the products. From the pictures and parameters, I know that our 7-inch LCD screen basically matches the customer's needs. Our enthusiastic customer service staff received this distinguished customer, the customer will talk to the customer service personnel in detail. The original customer needs a 7-inch horizontal screen 800*480, which is mainly used in the 7-inch LCD screen of smart home.

after determining the customer's needs, professional business personnel will have business talks with the customer, including prices, whether or not we need to open the mold and other business matters has been finalized one by one. At this time, we will also have professional R & D personnel to design drawings for customers, and finally make samples, small batches and mass production.

which manufacturer is better? Such a one-stop service manufacturer is your best choice. Take this 7-inch LCD screen as an example. This customer has finally become our long-term customer. If you need an LCD screen, please contact us.

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