8-inch LCD screen smart rearview mirror

by:Genyu     2020-01-01

with the fierce competition in the smart market, each brand has applied its own housekeeping skills to the product side, various high-tech technologies and various hardware technologies, such as multi-screen display technology, the 8-inch LCD screen has a large capacitive touch screen and IPS full fitting process, which not only brings high-quality products, but also greatly improves the safety factor of users. So now we will introduce the products of 8-inch LCD screen to you and see what brands of products there are.

with 8 inch IPS anti-glare display screen, clear display, easy to control; Front and rear dual cameras, fully record the driving picture, and support the reversing Rear View function, built-in Gaud, four-dimensional map new online 3D real-life double map navigation, so that you can use the car without worry.

Jingyao 8-inch LCD screen is supplied to the Car Rearview Mirror application field, supports reversing rear view, and comes with reversing auxiliary marking, so that you can reverse without worry. The intelligent rearview mirror is constantly iteratively upgraded, from the initial single monitoring shooting to the current front and rear double recording, reversing the rear view, from the initial 4. 0 inch screen, up to now 8. 0 inch screen, intelligent rearview mirror has made great progress.

8. The 0 inch-inch capacitive touch screen increases the safety factor of your car and protects you. The 8-inch LCD screen smart rearview mirror is a good companion for your trip.

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