Advantages of LCD liquid crystal module

by:Genyu     2019-12-24
With the development of science and technology, LCD display has been popularized to our family, office, industry and other life. What are the special advantages of LCD screen? Below is a bar screen to share the advantages of LCD screen! The system is simple to operate, quick to respond, and has a good LCD splicing screen. The system operation, window switching and scaling, and signal source switching of LCD splicing display curtain wall are simple, clear, fast and convenient ,. After the installation and debugging of the liquid crystal display unit is completed, the brightness of each unit is average, the color is consistent, there is no color difference, and it does not run for more than 50 thousand hours, basically no daily debugging, no consumables (Such as a light bulb)Loss; The LCD splicing screen realizes the excellent display function of high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, full viewing angle and full color, which can only be presented on the high-end desktop LCD splicing screen, it is also realized on the super-large display screen wall. The LCD mosaic display curtain wall system has the ability to add new equipment and new functions. The software only needs simple expansion to meet the requirements without changing the source program; The hardware only needs to be increased accordingly. In addition to directly accessing computer RGB signals and video signals, the system can also access network signals. The liquid crystal splicing curtain wall does not need to be maintained on schedule, there are no vulnerable parts, and there are no bulbs that are often replaced like the traditional back projection curtain wall. The liquid crystal display screen does not have consumables at all. Display the central large screen display system should have reliable anti-interference measures, not subject to electromagnetic interference from other systems, but also different errors. Other systems generate electromagnetic interference. The splicing unit of the LCD splicing display curtain wall system adopts a modular structure, which makes the equipment expansion very simple in the future. Today, let's take a look at the advantages of LCD: 1. Small size and light weight. The liquid crystal display module controls the state of liquid crystal molecules on the display screen to achieve the display purpose, which is much lighter in weight than the traditional display devices with the same display area. 2. The display quality is high. Since each point of the liquid crystal display module keeps that color and brightness after receiving the signal, it emits constant light, unlike some display devices that need to constantly refresh bright spots. Therefore, the liquid crystal display module has high voice quality and will not flash, thus reducing eye fatigue to a low level. 3. Low power consumption. The power consumption of the liquid crystal display module is mainly consumed on its internal electrodes and drive chips. Therefore, for the same display area, the power consumption of the liquid crystal display module is much smaller than that of other display devices, and the power supply can be 5V and 3. 3 V. 4. Simple and convenient digital interface. The liquid crystal display modules are all digital, and the interface with the single chip microcomputer is very simple and easy to operate. 5, no electromagnetic radiation. From the structure of the liquid crystal display module, we can know that the inherent characteristics of the LCD liquid crystal display module determine that it has no electromagnetic radiation. This advantage makes the LCD TV and computer displays widely promoted.
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