Analysis of LCD design process

by:Genyu     2019-12-15

In the design of electronic products, the human-computer interactive display interface is an essential work. At present, the commonly used LCD screens are all seven-segment stroke type, which can only display numbers and a small number of characters, functions are often limited and cannot be done for more complex characters or graphics. The LCD intelligent display model is a low power consumption and low loss display screen. Now the intelligent display module has been widely used. So how is the LCD screen made up? What kind of process is LCD design.

LCD screen is composed of front frame, polarizer, color filter, LCD, TFT glass, drive IC, diffuser, glue frame, backlight, backplane, main control panel, etc. Therefore, the design of LCD screen is also complicated and complicated.

before designing the LCD screen, you must first confirm with the customer where special design is needed according to the drawings sent by the customer, then we designed the display touch scheme for the customer according to the customer's needs. After continuous communication between us, we sent the drawings of the LCD assembly to the customer for confirmation, after seeing that our drawings are confirmed correctly, the customer officially entered the project initiation stage and carried out sample research and development. After receiving the samples, the customer debugged the whole machine and entered the next small batch stage after passing it once.

This is the preparation for the preliminary work of LCD design. The tacit cooperation in the preliminary work is due to the professionalism and professionalism of our R & D team. In the later stage, there are new cases that require LCD design customers can safely hand over to the LCD manufacturer---Jingyao

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