Analysis on development prospect of LCD industry

by:Genyu     2019-12-29
In recent years, China's panel manufacturers have become the main force of global investment, building panel production lines. With the continuous release of production capacity, the proportion in the world will be higher and higher. 2017 global liquid crystal panel shipment area to 1. 8. 1 billion square meters, up 3 times from 2007. The following is an analysis of the development prospect of LCD industry. The trend of large-scale LCD TV, smart phone and other products is to promote the global TFT- One of the main driving forces for the growth of LCD display panel demand area. Although the overall growth rate of the panel industry is limited, the growth rate of demand for large-size panels is relatively high. TV panel is still the main factor that determines the supply and demand of the entire LCD panel industry. In 2017, the global demand for TV LCD panels accounted for nearly 80% of the total demand for LCD panels. LCD industry analysis said that the global demand area for TV panels reached 1. In 2017. 4. 4 billion square meters, with an average growth rate of about 7% in the past three years, higher than the global LCD panel growth rate of 5%, mainly due to the increase in TV panel size. In the past, the mainstream LCD TV size was 32, 43 and 55 inches, but now it has changed to 55 inches, 65 inches or even 70 inches. Through the analysis of the development prospect of LCD industry, BOE will occupy of the world in January 2017. The shipment volume of 3% surpassed LG of South Korea and became the world's first in the display panel industry. From the perspective of downstream application fields, BOE ranks first in the world in the market share of smart phone liquid crystal display screen, tablet computer display screen and notebook computer display screen, and the display screen has risen to the second in the world, TV LCD remains third in the world. With the rapid update and iteration of technical level, the trend of upgrading the consumption demand of intelligent terminals in China is increasingly obvious. When consumers buy mobile phones, appearance design has become the core concern. And even in terms of mobile phone performance configuration, consumers choose the standard in terms of endurance and display effect. The light and thin appearance of the mobile phone, the improvement of endurance and the enhancement of display effect are closely related to the screen display technology. Through the analysis of the development prospect of LCD industry, with the intensification of competition, domestic panel manufacturers are increasingly willing to make upstream materials domestically due to the consideration of reducing costs. At the same time, South Korea's Samsung, South Korea's LG and other internationally renowned manufacturers are also actively seeking high quality and low price LCD material suppliers due to cost pressure. According to statistics, in 2016, the total sales volume of liquid crystal material manufacturers in mainland China was about 40 tons, accounting for only 22% of the mixed Crystal demand in mainland China and 6% of the global mixed crystal material demand. At present, there are more than 10 domestic enterprises producing liquid crystal materials, but most of them mainly produce intermediates and monomers, and few of them have mixed crystal production capacity, in addition, TN, HTN and STN series of medium and low-end liquid crystal materials are the main ones, and their market share in TFT mixed liquid crystal is still relatively low. At present, domestic liquid crystal material enterprises are stepping up their efforts to develop TFT hybrid liquid crystals with broad development prospects. Domestic enterprises will have more and more localized competitive advantages. The above is all the contents of LCD industry development prospect analysis.
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