Analysis on development trend of LCD industry

by:Genyu     2020-01-04
As Samsung's display focus shifts to OLDE and the fifth generation LCD production line is sold to Chinese enterprises, the focus of LCD will slowly shift to China in the next few years. 1. The overall trend of the industry predicts that with the continuous production of China's high-generation line, it will have a significant impact on the global panel industry and will reshuffle the panel industry. In particular, with the transfer of high-generation line production capacity to medium and small sizes, it will have a significant impact on the entire industry. Due to the large number of customers and the increase of product differences, small and medium-sized panels have put forward higher requirements for enterprises. Domestic terminal and panel enterprises have also strengthened mutual cooperation, which will have a greater impact on domestic and foreign enterprises, the speed of eliminating backward production capacity in the world will be further accelerated. 2. Forecast of product development trend (1) The growth rate of LCD TV market is slowing down. From the perspective of product production lines, the current domestic new production lines are mainly concentrated in TFT- LCD products, and the investment is a high-generation production line, the old production line will be gradually eliminated. At the same time, the small and medium-sized panel market has performed well, and many manufacturers have begun to develop small and medium-sized products and actively explore markets such as smart phones and tablet computers. On the whole, the sales volume of LCD TV is gradually slowing down, while the small and medium-sized LCD products applied in the fields of smart phones, tablet computers and the like have a better prospect. (2) Ultra-low power consumption driving technology and reducing power consumption have always been the problems that various manufacturers need to face, especially for mobile devices, as the component with the highest power consumption without a major breakthrough in battery technology, the power consumption of LCD directly affects the standby time of terminal equipment. In addition to the opening rate of the liquid crystal panel and TFT materials, the liquid crystal panel factory will further reduce the power consumption of the liquid crystal screen by optimizing the drive circuit. (3) Higher refresh rate due to the natural 'stubborn disease' of liquid crystal display technology, liquid crystal molecules need a certain period of time when deflection occurs, which is called 'response time ', therefore, when the dynamic picture is displayed, there will be blurred and unclear situations. Especially in the field of flat-panel TV, the definition of dynamic pictures is the most concerned issue for consumers, so when the response time cannot be improved, it is more effective for major manufacturers to reduce power consumption by optimizing the drive circuit of liquid crystal panel. 3. Market competition Trend Forecast: recently, under the fierce offensive of enterprises in mainland China and Taiwan, the 'two strong dominance' of LG Display and Samsung Display in the global large LCD panel market collapsed. The market share of domestic panel manufacturers is rising.
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