Analysis on the visual scheme of LCD liquid crystal display in sunlight

by:Genyu     2019-12-15

with the progress of science and technology, LCD screens occupy an important position around us, and there is such a company around us, ten years of focus on industrial-grade display screens, industrial-grade touch screens, optical bonding products R & D and manufacturing, providing integrated display touch solutions, today Jingyao will take you to understand the company.

many people should have such troubles. Under the strong outdoor sunshine, the visibility of mobile phones is almost zero, since the brightness of the picture displayed on the screen is lower than that of the reflected light, the reflected light is white and brighter, flooding black and other colors, so that the screen is poorly readable under strong light, in order to increase the readability of LCD liquid crystal display under strong light, Jingyao has made improvements in the following aspects:

1. High contrast: using optical bonding technology and optical adhesive bonding to increase the utilization rate of backlight brightness and brightness of LCM, it can effectively reduce specular reflectivity and increase the contrast of display screen.

2. High brightness technology: LED is used instead of CCFL as backlight light bar. With the help of LED backlight technology, not only the brightness of LCD is improved, it will also greatly improve the color reproduction and service life. Optical films, high polarizers, and LCD panels with high light transmission can significantly improve the brightness of LCD liquid crystal displays.

This sunlight viewing scheme used by Jingyao greatly increases the display optical effect and anti-vibration performance of the LCD liquid crystal display, the LCD screen is visible in the sun.

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