Are we informed about lcm displays weight and volume after shipment?
Yes. Typically, Shen Zhen Genyu Optical Co., Ltd.will inform the customer of the volumetric weight of lcm display after shipment. Our customers don’t need to worry about keeping track of various DIM weight calculations, because we understand well how shipping fees are calculated and will keep track of any changes that occur. We know that making a simple shift can cut shipping expenses considerably. To avoid overpaying and keep chargeable weight to the minimum possible, we will let our freight forwarder know in advance when we are expecting deliveries. They will be able to creatively combine the packages to simplify logistics and cut the shipping costs.

Genyu Optical is a highly reliable manufacturer of Character LCD Module‎. The dot-matrix display series is one of the main products of Genyu Optical . Genyu OLED is a design integrating intelligence. Automatic control and automation detection technologies that are highly efficient are adopted into its design. It is available with anti-reflective and anti-glare films. The product plays an important role in guaranteeing the normal operation of the device, protecting the components and parts of the device from the burn. It rarely suffers image burn-in when a static image is displayed for a long time.

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