Astigmatism principle and characteristics of light guide plate

by:Genyu     2019-11-25
The light guide plate uses the injection molding method to press the propylene into a smooth surface plate, and then uses a material with high reflectivity and no light absorption on the acrylic plate, print round or square diffusion points on the bottom of the plate with screen printing to diffuse light. When the light hits the diffusion point, the light will be reflected in all directions, and then the reflection condition will be destroyed and emitted from the front of the light guide plate. In order to make uniform light, it is necessary to use various diffusion points of different densities and sizes ( Density and size can ensure that the probability of light reflecting in all directions is approximately the same). The purpose of the reflecting plate in the light guide plate is to reflect the light exposed on the bottom surface back into the light guide plate, so as to improve the utilization rate of light and increase the brightness. Although the manufacturing processes of various light guide plates are different at present, the principles of light reflection and light scattering are all used. Production characteristics of light guide plate: Refractive index: the ratio of refractive index of two media is called relative refractive index. In engineering optics, the refractive index of air is often regarded as 1, while the refractive index of other media is the relative refractive index of air; Optical Waveguide: the total reflection phenomenon of optical electromagnetic waves limits the propagation of light waves in the waveguide and its surrounding limited areas; Incident angle: the angle between the incident light and the interface normal when the light hits the interface of the two media; Reflection angle: the angle between the reflected light and the interface normal when the light is reflected on the interface; Dispersion: the phenomenon that the refractive index of colorless transparent objects increases with the decrease of the wavelength of light is called dispersion; Ultraviolet: the function of blocking ultraviolet light through a flat transparent body due to a change in refractive index
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