Backlight manufacturers need 'quality-oriented'

by:Genyu     2019-11-23
With the rapid progress of the times, the LED backlight industry has also entered a stage of rapid development. At this stage, it is an opportunity and a challenge for backlight enterprises, because behind the rapid development, there are often major hidden dangers. History has told us that everything should be quality-oriented. If the enterprise only wants to obtain the immediate rich benefits at this stage without long-term consideration, when this stage of development has passed, hidden dangers will erupt and will be greatly impacted. Thus disappeared in the long river of history. The prosperity of the LED backlight market represents the existence of a large number of backlight enterprises. In order to obtain rich benefits, enterprises, large and small, compete 'by hook or by crook', resulting in chaos within the industry. In order to win more consumers, they will sell at a low price and reduce the cost of production. The quality of the products cannot be guaranteed. The inferior products purchased by consumers at low prices will be damaged soon, it brings an illusion to consumers that the quality of LED backlight is not good, which affects the healthy development of the whole industry. In order to 'set things right' in the backlight market, backlight enterprises should pay attention to the quality of products and 'win by quality' in the competition, rather than 'win by price' or 'win by quantity '. 'Winning by price' will inevitably reduce the production cost of the product and reduce the quality of the product; 'Winning by quantity' will inevitably ignore product quality and pursue production efficiency, which is not a long-term way. Only 'winning by quality' can develop for a long time. No matter how the market changes, the main body of enterprise products is always consumers, and consumers are always pursuing the quality of products. Although the current post-80s and post-90s consumers may pursue more product specificity, they also attach more importance to the quality of products. For better development in the future, enterprises should focus on products, improve production equipment and improve product quality. If the product quality of the enterprise is always competitive in the industry, it is bound to obtain more development opportunities.
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