Backlit LCD materials membrane industry technical analysis

by:Genyu     2020-03-31
< p > < / p > LCD back light material composition, diffusion film almost is one of the indispensable materials. Diffusion film according to the classification methods of making, coating type and the coating type two kinds. The coating type diffusion membrane with high light transmittance, haze the adjusting range is big, good appearance quality, the spread of the back light for high-end products membrane preferred varieties. Diffusion film according to the form, which has two kinds of coil and sheet stock. This article only introduce coil coating type diffusion membrane ( Hereinafter referred to as diffusion film) The production technology. < / p > according to the survey, the personage inside course of study understanding of diffusion film is divided into three levels: users as the first level, the cutting for the second level, third level for coating. Given that most of the people in the industry for the first two levels to understand more, will not be introduced in this paper. Diffusion film coating, with high technical content, capital investment, high production efficiency, economic benefit is very considerable. So some people always want to dabble in domestic and we can't easily. This article particularly introduces the third level, hope to want to dabble in which a person has a certain reference value. The third level can also be called mother volume production. Now mainly diffusion membrane manufacturer in the world are: Japan and ( KEIWA) , intellectual semiconductor ( TSUJIDEN) And KIMOTO; South Korea SKC, new, and ( shinwha) And the Korea ( Seahan) ; China's Taiwan province changxing chemical, XuanMao science and technology, new skills and adai anylink edges, etc. ; Domestic at present is still in its infancy, no bulk supply manufacturers. < / p > in the past two years, the author as a pioneer in the domestic industry, has experienced from diffusion membrane preliminary study to the whole process of production. Today, the technical indexes of the Japanese similar diffusion membrane products level. Achieve the initial price of high quality and low price. Diffusion membrane production technology involved diaphragm design, equipment selection, material and formula, coating process, quality control, etc. Knowledge categories include: applied optics, organic chemistry, precision machinery, purification engineering and the back light technology, coating technology, etc. < / p >
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