Big project LCD screen splicing step is introduced

by:Genyu     2020-03-27
LCD display technology development to today, is the hundred schools of thought contend, strengths and especially display ( DLP) , plasma ( PDP) , liquid crystal ( LCD) The sequential, giving people the contrast choice space. There is no doubt that more and more thin, more advanced technology is the direction of development, for splicing display wall, also from the traditional CRT display, plasma, liquid crystal direction development. 吗? Big screen splicing system is becoming more and more get the favour of customers, so a large screen splicing engineering construction exactly what steps need to be? < / p > < p > < / p > a, cabling engineering required cable layout in party a's requirements. Pay attention to the type of cloth cable length, root number and whether to match the device, and tidy up the scene. < / p > adjust installation position 2, install the chassis, the chassis with screw connection each other, level, is used to adjust the levelness of the chassis, ensure horizontally chassis, chassis finally tighten bolts. < / p > 3, install an empty box to the bottom box connected with screws of the shelf, don't screw tightly. Connect the case according to the requirements put again. According to 'from left to right, from the bottom up' order adjust body vertical roughness, joint adjustment available rubber hammer enclosure, and screw down the screws. < / p > four machine as required, install all light machine part of the box body, and is fixed inside the box body. Tidy up the connection and light machine and power supply and other equipment of the cable, and tie tight, cable placement is reasonable, the whole line of beautiful and practical. The final cover polishing machine light barrier. < / p > 5, connecting cables will all signal according to the requirement, power and control cables to the corresponding equipment, pay attention to the cable number and equipment number one to one correspondence, tidy up the cable and fixed up. < / p > 6, installation cabinet screen before the installation screen will mirror the protective film tear, and it is forbidden to touch the mirror. According to 'from left to right, from the bottom up' the order of the adjustment screen horizontal and vertical smoothness, and fixed. < / p >
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