Black and white LCD screen LCD selection of learning

by:Genyu     2020-03-22
< p> < / p> black and white LCD screen from the 80 s of last century in China, from the high and new technology to the white-hot stage of today has more than 30 carrying. Black and white LCD screen LCD TN twisted nematic phase is commonly used in LCD, its working principle, its working principle: nematic liquid crystal sandwiched between two pieces of glass, the glass on the surface of coated layer of ITO transparent conductive films (first Indium tin oxide) To and used as electrode, and then in a glass coated with thin film electrode layer orientation PI ( Polyimide) To make the LCD along a specific and parallel to the direction is arranged on the surface of the glass. < / p> LCD natural state with 90 degrees of distortion, using the electric field can make the liquid crystal molecules rotate, LCD double refractive index change with the direction of the liquid crystal, and the influence is the result of the polarized light after type TN LCD polarization direction of rotation. As long as selecting the appropriate thickness change direction of polarization of polarized light just 90 degrees, to use two parallel polarization makes the light can't completely through. And large enough voltage can make liquid crystal direction parallel to the direction of the electric field, so that the light polarization direction will not change, the light can be through the second polarized piece. < / p> from the perspective of selection, we common liquid crystal can be divided into the following categories: KNN ( Also known as the eight words) The type, character and graphic dot matrix. < / p> common sections of every word of LCD is 8 segments, namely eight words and that can only display part Numbers and letters, if you have to show other minor characters, Chinese characters, and other symbols, generally need to order from manufacturers, can be to display characters, Chinese characters, and other symbols curing at the specified location, such as a calculator. For sections of LCD, we provide customized business. < / p> character type LCD, is used to display characters and Numbers, the graphics and characters display mode and sections of the LCD. Character LCD generally has the following several kinds of resolution, dec 8 x 1 x 1, 2, 16 * 16 * 4, 20 x 2, 20 x 40 x 40 x 2, 4, 4, etc. , in which 8 ( 16, 20, 40) For the meaning of a line of characters can be shown ( Number) Number 1 ( 2, 4) Refers to the meaning of the lines. < / p> < p> < / p> graphic dot-matrix LCD, we will be divided into the TN, the STN ( DSTN) , TFT and other categories. TN type LCD due to its limitations, only used in the production of character type LCD module; While the STN ( DSTN) Typically for small and medium-sized LCD module, both monochrome, also has a pseudo color; TFT liquid crystals, from small to large, have and almost uniformly to true color display module. In addition to the TFT liquid crystals, general small LCD screens are built-in controller ( The concept of controller is equivalent to master control chip on the display card) Directly provide MPU interface; And large and medium-sized LCD screen, if you want to control its showed that require additional controller. < / p> how to choose the black and white LCD LCD screen? Process is as follows: < / p> select characters to determine the display ranks number, TN, the STN - with backlit no - determine size to determine the scope of the work and storage temperature graph, monochrome or color ( TFT true color or the STN pseudo color) To determine the resolution to determine the shape size, backlight type ( 领导、EL、灯管) - determine the scope of the work and storage temperature on the LCD ( LCD) In < / p> < p> < / p> black and white LCD screen LCD what kind of connection are there? < / p> a, black and white LCD conductive strip connection: when using this kind of connection mode need to use a structure to the LCD with conductive gaskets and PCB version together, because the electrode spacing is very small, can do so because more products suitable for drivers. < / p> 2, black and white LCD metal pins: fix the metal pins on LCD irfpa online, either directly to the LCD is fixed on the PCB, can also be inserted in the LCD PCB socket. Metal pin spacing, 2. 54mm,2. 0mm,1. 8毫米。 1 · applicable glass thickness. 1mm,0. 7mm,0. 55mm。 < / p> three, black and white LCD hot-pressing soft belt connection: connect the LCD and PCB version with soft belt together, because the base is soft, so when using fixed is convenient, and can reduce the thickness of the installation. < / p>
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