Boost Your Business by Using Digital Signage

by:Genyu     2020-06-25
Forget old-fashioned hoardings and posters, the modern way to capture the attention of today's savvy consumer is by using digital displays. Known as OOH, 'out of home', digital signage can be used for what's called 'adfortainment' - a combination of advertising, information and entertainment. An investment in this type of display will yield higher returns than can be achieved by traditional static signage. Increases in sales revenue of between 5 and 50 percent can, research shows, be achieved. Digital signage, in case you don't know, is the sort of display you'll see at information boards at train stations, airports and bus stops. But this electronic wizardry is not confined simply to moving text. It encompasses words, images, colours, designs and movies and is a captivating way to advertise anything at all. Types of Digital Displays. Your digital installation can be located in a public location outdoors, indoors or even as a mobile display, for example on a taxi or even a person. LED and LCD are the two types of technology that underpin digital displays. Though LCD digital signage technology is used by both LED and LCD televisions, the way their screens are illuminated is not the same. An electric current passing through pixels filled with minute crystals creates the display with LCD whilst LED are simply light emitting diodes. Whilst LED displays, which are a form of backlighting, can be dimmed or brightened LCD's are permanently 'on'. Outdoors, large LCD (liquid crystal display) screens are illuminated by signals from a central computer working in combination with a media player. They need to be enclosed in order to cope with variations in temperature and weather as well as be vandal-proof. What's so wonderful about this type of display is the fact that a countrywide or even worldwide network can be fairly cheaply set up and can be constantly updated. You can create and upload your own content or you can outsource it. Indoors: You need only a simple and cheap media player and LCD display to illuminate a digital poster, interactive kiosk or entire wall with your advertisement. As well as being a perfect way for shops to interact with customers this type of digital signage is also ideal for waiting rooms at dentists, doctors and vets where time can be whiled away looking at movies related to your service or in selling add-ons to your main business. Mobile: This market is expanding rapidly and is fundamentally a weather and vandal-proof 'enclosure' for the LCD display signs. Some enclosures are small enough to be worn like an item of clothing. There surely won't be any tomorrow for those who continue to advertise with the old-fashioned sandwich boards! Is it expensive? Obviously the cost will be determined by the type and complexity of the LCD digital signage and the nature of the content. You shouldn't have to pay much more than A�1500 for a single-screen installation.
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