Brand LED display green environmental protection efficient energy-saving

by:Genyu     2019-11-26
In recent years, with the vigorous development of expressways in our country, high-definition, safe, efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly LED display screens have also taken to the high-speed road one after another, high-definition images can leave a deeper image for people. We all know that LED electronic display screen is more expensive than traditional print advertisement, so why is it still sought after by advertisers? First of all, the unique congenital advantage, in general, the larger the outdoor advertising area, the more eye-catching. The LED flash screen can be spliced arbitrarily, so compared with traditional LCD and DLP, the area is larger, the viewing angle is wider, and the visual impact is stronger. In addition to the advantages of large screen, outdoor full-color LED flash screen, the resolution can reach high-definition image quality, the color is rich and beautiful, and the level of fineness is getting higher and higher. As a confluence of sound and light, in addition to rotating pictures, the LED flash screen can also accept a variety of signal transmission, real-time TV broadcast and dynamic video broadcast, further matching the audience's interest. Secondly, the coverage is wide, the audience is high, the LED flash screen area is large, the viewing angle planning is wide, the sight distance is reasonable, and the space advantage is combined, LED flash screen has a relatively wide, stable and repeated audience, which is conducive to the cover and useful transmission of brand and product information. LED flash screen information is mostly characterized by relatively young, highly educated and high income. Thinking about the capital elements of the LED flash screen, the outdoor LED flash screen is invested in the brand, which is mostly a well-known brand with strong strength and a leader in various industries. It is mainly positioned in the younger middle class of the society, the audience is highly compliant. In addition, the raw materials of LED lamps are sturdy, and the selected light sources are all solid-state. Therefore, during the earthquake, the LED lights will not present a stroboscopic scene. It is precisely because of such particularity, only in this way can LED lights stand out in other lamps and lanterns, occupy most of the lamp market and win the eyes of consumers.
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