Brief introduction of liquid crystal display

by:Genyu     2019-12-25
The liquid crystal display is a flat ultra-thin display device, which consists of a certain number of color or black and white pixels and is placed in front of the light source or reflecting surface. The power consumption of liquid crystal displays is very low, so they are favored by engineers and are suitable for electronic equipment using batteries. Its main principle is to use current to stimulate liquid crystal molecules to generate points, lines and surfaces to form a picture with back lamps. The working principle of Liquid Crystal Display: Liquid crystal is a special substance between solid and liquid. It is an organic compound that is normally liquid, however, its molecular arrangement is as regular as that of solid crystals, so it is named liquid crystal. Another special property of it is that if an electric field is applied to the liquid crystal, its molecular arrangement will be changed, if you give it a polarized light, it has the effect of preventing light from passing through ( Light can pass smoothly without applying an electric field) If you match the color filter and change the voltage applied to the liquid crystal, you can change the amount of light transmitted by a certain color, it can also be said that changing the voltage across the liquid crystal can change its transparency ( However, in practice, this must be matched with the polarizing plate. Although the liquid crystal display device has the advantage of lightness and thinness, as a special large screen display device, its installation and debugging are also quite complicated and important links. Therefore, the LCD splicing large screen adopts advanced modular structural design, built-in high-performance splicing processing module and other unique technologies. Modular design enables the system to operate without complicated wiring during installation, and only needs to connect the power cord and network cable. And the management is also very convenient, only through the powerful professional splicing control software to manage and control the LCD splicing system. The installation and management costs of the splicing screen are greatly reduced. Therefore, modularization is the development trend of splicing units in the future. The modular structure of splicing units will make installation and debugging easier and simpler. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) A display type used for digital clocks and many portable computers. The LCD display uses two pieces of polarized material, between which is a liquid crystal solution. When the current passes through the liquid, the crystals are rearranged so that light cannot pass through them. Therefore, each crystal is like a shutter that allows light to pass through and block light. LCD (LCD) At present, scientific and technological information products are developing towards the goal of light, thin, short and small. Of course, display products with a long history around computers are no exception. Under the premise of being easy to carry and carry, traditional display methods such as CRT Image Tube Display and LED display panel are all subject to factors such as excessive volume or huge power consumption, the actual needs of users cannot be met. The development of liquid crystal display technology is just in line with the current trend of information products. Whether it is right angle display, low power consumption, small volume, or zero radiation, users can enjoy the best visual environment.
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