Briefly introduce the basic process of custom LCD screen

by:Genyu     2019-12-13

In this Internet era, private customization has become a popular sales model. If you need to customize the LCD screen, you must find a professional and reliable LCD screen manufacturer. Manufacturers must have a strong R & D design and process engineering team. Follow up customer development, effective advice and guidance to meet all customer requirements. Jingyao is a professional manufacturer of customized LCD screens and a manufacturer rated as a national high-tech enterprise.

ten years of focus on the industry end customers, familiar with customer needs, the product quality is quite high, the quality control system is strict and standardized, and the professional technology needs the craftsman spirit of excellence.

from the research and development of a product, the improvement of the scheme to the one-stop service after sales; R & D to design to production, pre-sales. After-sales follow-up customer needs. The sales model of standard products and customized products provides customized and wholesale services for LCD screens. What is the process of customized LCD screens? First of all, we must understand the customer's needs, how big the customer needs, and what kind of products to use. What needs to be displayed, what kind of interface, whether the viewing angle needs to be better or full viewing angle, etc. Then the customer provides samples, develops map evaluation, finds resources, makes samples, makes small batches, performs reliability verification, and then goes to mass production.

The whole process is 1:1 technical guidance and one-stop service for tracking pre-sale and after-sale. Customers who need to customize LCD screens are looking for Jingyao.

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