Bring Forth the Best Touch Phone Features

by:Genyu     2020-08-07
Nowadays, more and more people chose to change their original phones to touch phones. Touch phones are really convenient, and you can get what you want easily just by finger touches, which makes it faster to control a phone. When you think of the touch phone all you can think of is the iPhone. However, with the coming of other cell phone companies with this technology, there is more to know about the touch phone features. Though none of the smartphone has been able to match to the iPhone in the range of features, yet they have managed quite well to make the technology available to common people. The cell phone that comes very near to the iPhone, in this race for touch phone features, is the Storm by black berry. They have managed quite well with all the features and the price. You can have the feature of wireless access and emails seamlessly incorporated in the phone. This is the first time that they have tried their hand in the entertainment segment of cell phone, and bet me, they done quite well. The touch phone features in this model is the 8.3 cm screen. The display screen is the TFT-LCD screen. The feature which makes it stand apart from all the other touch phones is its physical receptive screen to the touch. The resolution of the screen is 360X480- pixels. Te display of colors is also very wide, 65536 colors in all. It has changed the way we thought about the touch phone. It has now a provision which makes the screens scratch resistant, making the stylus of no use. As already mentioned that this is the attempt to come to the entertainment segment by Blackberry, hence there are features which makes it possible. It is incorporated with a 3.2 megapixel camera with the feature to autofocus and flash while it captures the photos. Also, the gadget comes with a memory of 1GB which is inbuilt, and you can expand it to 16GB with the help of a SD card. This makes it quite comparable to the iPhone.
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