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Stay focused on the company instead of business type of Shen Zhen Genyu Optical Co., Ltd.. We're a business dedicated to the creation and sales of cob lcd display . We're created for profit. In order to make profit, we have made every attempt to carry out R&D and attain quantity production. A copy of business license may be provided if you really care about it.

Genyu Optical is an extremely advanced and aggressive producer of small lcd screen. According to the material, Genyu Optical 's products are divided into several categories, and lcm lcd is one of them. Genyu small lcd screen is required to go through a series of quality tests. Its work blank, mechanical parts such as engine and motor, and materials have to be inspected by specific measurers or testing machines. It can be disposed of more safely than a CRT can. People can be free of the worry that it will leave any chemical residues on their skin which may cause skin allergy. This product has a long half-life.

Genyu has a great plan to become an influential graphics lcd module supplier. Contact us!
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