Can Genyu Optical provide certificate of origin for segment lcd display?
Please ask Shen Zhen Genyu Optical Co., Ltd.Customer Service for a certificate of origin for segment lcd display. This is a basic document that contains basic data about the exporter and the recipient and proves the source of the product which is about to be exported. It determines if the product can be legally imported/exported (many importing countries may require a certificate of origin). It is important for both ourselves and our customers as it helps fulfill proper product marking requirements, differentiate our product from competitors, and allow the product to clear customs smoothly.
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The well-known and incredible Genyu mainly covers . Genyu Optical produces a number of different product series, including dot-matrix display. Genyu segment lcm will be carefully inspected for its workmanship. It will be scrutinized in seaming (open seam, sufficient seam allowance, seam slippage, etc.), stitching (needle cutting, snared stitches, blind stitches, etc.), and washing (washing effect, cleaning mark, etc.) The FPC can be customized to change the PIN definition for the required interface. This product features excellent shock-absorption. Its materials are high performance and have the ability to cushion and reduce the stikes from the ground. It comes with virtually infinite viewing angles.

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