Characteristics and application of backlight laminating machine

by:Genyu     2019-11-22
When it comes to backlight laminating machines, unless they are personnel in the industry, they basically do not know what it is, or even say they have never heard of it. But when it comes to LCD liquid crystal display, everyone is familiar with it. Backlight is actually a kind of light source behind the LCD screen that makes the LCD Shine, which allows us to see the picture on the display more clearly. Today, Maijing electronic editor will show you about the backlight laminating machine. Backlight laminating machine is a small acrylic backlight board (1. 4-5. 7 inch) Optical films such as diffusion film, brightening film, black and white glue and the like are automatically attached and assembled according to the process sequence, which is a new production equipment in the backlight industry. The system moves through a 16-station precision rotating platform to complete multiple processes such as dust removal, film tearing, feeding, positioning, superposition, pressing and material taking. The machine adapts to the coil diaphragm incoming material; The unique Electrostatic Removal System of the machine can effectively eliminate static electricity; It has the characteristics of high degree of automation, accurate positioning, high production efficiency and stable quality; Mainly used LCM module, medical electronics, instrumentation, audio equipment, household appliances, communication modules, industrial control, digital clocks, car electronics, beauty equipment, agricultural electronics, power tools, teaching instruments the combination of small and medium-sized LCD backlight modules such as fitness equipment, maternal and infant electronics, fire fighting equipment and precision weighing instruments. Backlight laminating machine equipment features: 1, 16 jig positions, of which 8 positions produce current products, and the other 8 positions are fast die-changing presets. The production exchange between different types of products is convenient and quick, the adjustment time is reduced, and the efficiency is improved. For example, if the model produced by Class A is not completed, Class B personnel can use another mold, which will not waste production time due to multiple adjustments. 2. DD motor control, stable operation, no vibration, accurate position, accuracy up to 0. 005mm. Each patch station is equipped with an ion fan to eliminate static electricity, ensuring smooth fit, no stains, no wrinkles. There will be no bubbles, dirt, wool, slag and other defects.
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