COG refers to a kind of LCD module technology

by:Genyu     2020-03-26
< p> < / p> COG refers to a kind of LCD module technology, and its corresponding technique is COF package, C refers to the processing chip, O is ON the English language, G is a GLASS GLASS, F is a printed circuit board. COG is usually a single piece of glass, glass has been pressure IC; And FOG LCD screen also called COF package, it is glass + IC + FPC. < / p> control each pixel display need signal lines in the past. The signal from the videos on the panle to printed circuit boards in the control chip, this is the COF package ( Translate is chip on board) 。 Later, as the resolution do higher and higher, the screen to the smaller, less thin wire. So someone had to lead directly to the printing on the glass, and then return the chip on the glass, it is the COG ( Translate is the chip on the glass) 。 < / p> COG LCD screen can display all kinds of characters and graphics, its interface is flexible, small size, lightweight, low work voltage, low consumption, more affordable price. In recent years has been recognized by the market, and is widely used in hand-held devices, digital equipment, instrumentation products. < / p>
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