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by:Genyu     2020-08-05
A pen drive which is also known as a USB flash drive, is a data storage device which has a Universal Serial Bus (USB) attached using a flash memory is used to store data on it. It is available in different capacities with 256 MB being the lowest and 256 GB being the highest available at present. 1TB and 2TB pen drives are currently in the loop of production. They are very compact and weigh less than 30g, making them easier to carry than floppies and CD-ROMs. Pen drives are rewritable and removable. Nowadays, most electronic devices other than desktop computers and laptops which include LED/LCD televisions, XBOX 360, Play station 3, DVD players, Audio players etc. have a utility to plug a pen drive in and directly to use the content stored in it. Pen drives give us the ability to carry all our files, media and other important data easily and conveniently. Most users store backups of their important data files, operating systems and some add music and videos to play on other devices. Hence, they have become an important resource for any person who owns a computer. It is very easy to store data on it and the transfer is very fast and reliable. It has more storage capacity than the latest Blu-Ray disks available in the market. Like any other flash memory devices it does have a limited number of data transfers that can be done. There are also many pen drives that are waterproof and do not break easily. One of the major problems it faces is that due to its use on different devices, it is prone to transfer of viruses onto computers. But, Virus scanners present in computers help disinfect it. Why Buy Pen drives Online? Buying pen drives online are one of the easiest and cost effective methods available. There are many brands of pen drives such as Transcend, HP, SanDisk, Kingston, Moserbaer, Sony, etc. available for sale on online shopping websites. Buying pen drives online gives the consumer more options for purchase as well as a better idea on which brand is the best in the segment through customer reviews. The deals available online are very lucrative and are usually much cheaper than buying them at a physical store. An added convenience of free and fast shipping is value added to the whole online pen drive buying experience. Most physical stores do not have all the different brands of pen drives available at the same store. Plus there isn't a lot of information available on pen drive when buying in-store. Due to these options buying pen drives online is a safe, reliable and an informative experience.
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