Deep Interpretation of tft color liquid crystal display technology

by:Genyu     2019-12-13

tft color liquid crystal display has not been known for its purpose since it was discovered. It was not until 1968 that people used it as a material in the electronics industry.

1. Backlight panel: the imaging principle of tft color liquid crystal display is to control light and shade by the component of liquid crystal blocking light, therefore, it is necessary to have a light source to see the image on the screen, so the backlight board is responsible for providing the most basic light source for LCD screen imaging.

2. Lower polarizing plate: the direction of the light sent by the backlight plate is inconsistent and radial. If such light passes through the torsion of liquid crystal molecules, we still can't see the normal image on the screen. What we see may be a piece of white, or a colorful color block, not the image we want to see. The polarizing plate below is responsible for the work of sending the light to the liquid crystal layer after the direction of the light is standardized.

3. Thin film substrate: The torsion angle of liquid crystal molecules is controlled by TFT.

4. Liquid crystal: this layer of liquid crystal molecules is twisted under the control of TFT to control the lighting in the same direction, thus, the brightness of the light leading to the rear pixel unit changes.

5. Color filter: If you are lucky enough to remember the 1980s S, I believe you will remember that there was often a piece of colored plastic in front of the black-and-white TV screen at that time, after installing this plastic piece, the black-and-white TV set seems to have become a color TV set. We can see that sometimes people's faces turn pink, their lips turn red, and other scenes have colors, although sometimes the color is not realistic. In fact, this piece of plastic is a color filter.

In fact, due to the different advantages, disadvantages and characteristics of various displays, it is generally impossible to replace each other. However, it is completely realistic to replace or impact another type of display device with a specific part of itself. Tft color LCD has to face this challenge and competition. This challenge and competition is not only a threat to the liquid crystal display industry, but also a driving force for the development of the liquid crystal display industry.

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