Development of LCD Liquid Crystal Display Industry

by:Genyu     2019-12-30
At the beginning of the development of electronic products, the focus of competition was hardware performance, then price, and now it is glued to user experience. As one of the most electronic products involved in people's daily life, the display is also the most important computer Picture output device, which directly affects the user experience. Liquid crystal display, also known as LCD display, is a display device based on liquid crystal electro-optic effect. China's LCD industry has gone through decades of development since the late 1970s S. After several major investment waves, mainland China has become the world's largest TN-LCD production base and major STN-LCD production base. As the world's largest LCD panel demand market, China has been in a state of 'lack of core and less screen' for a long time. Faced with this situation, with the continuous efforts of Chinese panel manufacturers and the support of policies, China's LCD industry has developed rapidly in recent years and has become the main producing area with the largest number of high-generation LCD panel production lines in the world. 1. TN/STN-LCD liquid crystal display market. At present, TN/STN-LCD liquid crystal display is widely used in communication terminals, household appliances, instruments and meters, vehicle-mounted products, etc. This kind of traditional field will maintain a stable demand for a long time. Communication terminals and on-board products will be expanded by the development of communication terminals and automobile industry in the world, especially in developing countries. In addition, with the progress of precision manufacturing and electronic information industry, precision instruments and intelligent electronic equipment have appeared in large numbers. TN/STN-LCD liquid crystal display will also play an important role in such products, become an important growth point in the new era. 2, small and medium size TFT- LCD liquid crystal display market, small and medium-sized TFT- LCD liquid crystal display is widely used in mobile phones, MP3, digital cameras, digital video cameras, digital photo frames, game consoles, learning machines, GPS, car displays, PDA, etc. Global small and medium size TFT- The LCD liquid crystal display market has developed rapidly in recent years, with color screen mobile phones as the main driving force, with the share remaining above 65%. In addition, the performance in MP4, PDA, car display and other product markets is also very prominent. 3, large size TFT- LCD liquid crystal display market, large size TFT- The growth of LCD TV shipments will vary from region to region. 2010 mature of North America and Western Europe market will only expand the 1% and 8. 9%. In contrast, China's market shipments will increase 34. Under the influence of government incentives such as trade-in of old appliances. 1%. In the Latin American market, LCD TVs are increasingly becoming affordable products for consumers. Shipments in Latin America, led by Brazil, are expected to increase by in 2010. 1%. (III) The latest development of technology. At present, TFT liquid crystal display technology is relatively mature, and the three major problems of viewing angle, color saturation and brightness have been solved. The horizontal viewing angle of liquid crystal display has reached 170 degrees by adopting multi-region vertical arrangement mode and in-plane switching mode. The multi-region vertical arrangement mode also reduces the response time to 20 milliseconds. (IV) The global LCD manufacturing area distribution, the global LCD industry has formed a pattern of three strong South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, the world's leading enterprises in the liquid crystal display industry, such as Sony of Japan, Samsung of South Korea and LG Electronics, have emerged, occupying a dominant position in the market. The global LCD industry presents a pyramid-shaped industrial structure. Japan and South Korea occupy the leading position in the technology of LCD upstream materials and have absolute advantages in the production of large LCD panels, while Taiwan has advantages in small and medium-sized panels, at the same time, efforts have been made to develop upstream materials and large-scale panel production, while the panel back-stage process that requires more Labor has gradually been transferred to China.
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