Display everywhere LCD display business is one of the foundations of the Internet of Things

by:Genyu     2019-12-16

when it comes to LCD display business, we have to mention the internet of things. Maybe everyone will think of the upcoming 5G. In fact, the internet of things is not only the transmission of data, but also the era of data display explosion. In the future, there will be more commercial demand for LCD screens. Traditional LCD TVs and mobile phone display terminals cannot meet people's needs.

everything is interconnected and everything needs feedback. Refrigerators, gas stoves and even curtains may be equipped with screens. Although the continuous development of network technology and the blessing of various sensors, the era of the internet of things is no longer an extravagant hope. Among them, the demand for display needs to be met by screens, and technologies such as liquid crystal screens need to be developed urgently.

Many environments in the future need display screens, special-shaped display, stereoscopic display and light and thin display, all of which have become the focus of development. At present, the supply of LCD screens is increasing, but obviously this is only a large supply of traditional screens. New requirements require more screen technologies. In the internet of things era, attention should be paid to the direction of screen research and development.

The liquid crystal display produced by Jingyao is in line with the trend of the internet of things. The liquid crystal display is widely used in the display of Internet of Things terminal products. Let the display be everywhere, especially in the smart home, Haier has been our long-term cooperative end customer.

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