Do you know all these points when choosing an outdoor LCD display?

by:Genyu     2019-12-12

with the wide application of high and new technology, outdoor display screen has become a kind of art to beautify the city and one of the signs of the economic development of the city.

but for laymen, how to choose outdoor LCD display screen is indeed a difficult problem! Shenzhen Jingyao Co. , Ltd. , which has 10 years of experience in LCD screen customization, has explained in detail several key points that need to be paid attention to when choosing outdoor LCD screens.

1, reliable and durable, industrial design: 2. Anti-fall, strong and reliable, stable operation, earthquake resistance and fall resistance, make your end products more competitive.

2, harsh environment, easy to use: wide temperature design, cold resistance, high temperature resistance :- 30 ° C ~ 80 ° C extremely cold, high temperature and harsh environment is still perfect display.

3, sunlight viewing technology: Not afraid of outdoor glare, still clear under strong light, excellent visual experience.

Jingyao specializes in producing and customizing LCD screens, only providing customers with the best and most cost-effective outdoor LCD screens, making conscience screens and reporting conscience prices! We have been adhering to the concept of lower power consumption, longer service life and low carbon and environmental protection, and can really make real products for our customers!

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