Do you know what to use to wipe the LCD?

by:Genyu     2019-11-26
With the increase of the frequency of use, the LCD screen has been known by the vast majority of people. Many friends may find that the LCD screen often absorbs a layer of dust after using the LCD screen for a period of time, if you turn off the back side of the machine to see more obvious, sometimes you will accidentally stick a variety of water stains, fingerprints, which will definitely greatly affect the visual effect of the LCD screen with what to wipe how to clean it? Turn off the LCD screen power first, and remove the power cord plug and the video card cable plug. Move the LCD screen to a place with better natural light so that you can see the dust clearly, which is more conducive to targeting, thus achieving better cleaning effect. Cleaning the LCD screen does not require any special solution or cloth. With the experience of Xiaobian, the soft velvet cloth or pure cotton flannel is the best LCD screen cleaning tool (Don't drop the paper towel). When cleaning, use pure cotton lint-free cloth with water and then wring it out slightly, then gently wipe the dust on the display screen with a slightly damp soft lint-free cloth (Do not squeeze the display hard) When wiping, it is recommended to wipe from one side of the display until it is completely wiped clean. Do not wave it indiscriminately. Tip: do not wipe with hard cloth or hard paper. At the same time, do not use cleaning solution containing alcohol or acetone or cleaning agent containing chemical components, and do not spray the liquid directly onto the screen to prevent the liquid from penetrating into the protective film. After cleaning the LCD screen with a damp soft damp cloth, clean it again with a damp cloth that is screwed dry. Finally, let the water on the LCD screen dry naturally in the ventilated place.
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