Flat Screen Enclosures Used For Factory Information

by:Genyu     2020-06-19
Factory information systems are ways in which to acquire date, using a computer system in a factory - perfect for batch or continual production applications. There are several main systems for shop floor data collection, these are as follows: • SCADA • SAP SCADA. This system is a centrally based system that controls entire plants and can run from one site to sites over many countries. The computer system is installed throughout the facility using shielded data cable, so any electrical interference does not affect the speed of the computer network. The data cabling is then terminated were the computers are to be stored; these are normally sited in a PC enclosure for operator input. These computer enclosures protect the PC and monitor from any harmful particles in the air as well as fluid and are available in both NEMA 12 and NEMA4X, the first number (NEMA 12) is for heavy dust and splash protection, whilst NEMA 4X is for wash down with a high pressure water jet. Then above the production isles there are large flat screens that show the current production data for that day, now a normal TV would just get damaged with the air borne hazards, so they have to be fitted into a LCD display enclosures, these offer waterproof protection and depending upon the factory's products can be either fully wash down and the unit can either be cooled by either a thermostatic cooling system, cooling tubes run from compressed air or an entire air conditioning system. SAP. SAP is the fourth largest software company in the world, SAP has one of the leading Enterprise Resource Planning software packages used by the worlds leading manufacturers. It is a PC based system that monitors intangible assets, human resources, materials and financial results. The ERP software sits on the server and is distributed throughout the Local Area Network to the PCs in the specific locations as well as on the large flat panel screens that displays the current production runs for each specific production line. Again flat screen enclosures are used.
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