For LCD liquid crystal display solve electromagnetic interference

by:Genyu     2020-03-15
< p > < / p > display according to its working principle, common is: CRT display ( CRT) And liquid crystal display ( LCD) , in addition to the plasma display ( PDP) , vacuum fluorescent display ( VFD) And so on. Plasma display ( PDP) , vacuum fluorescent display ( VFD) Represent a new generation of display, but not because the technology is not yet mature and put into production, it is almost impossible to see in the market. Liquid crystal display ( LCD) Than the traditional CRT monitors with image no distortion, no flicker, no radiation, etc. But its also a lot of shortcomings, such as expensive price, low brightness, narrow perspective, slow response speed and so on. Comprehensive view, CRT display ( CRT) Is still by far the most products suitable for ordinary users. < / p > although the CRT display comprehensive performance is good, but it still has some inherent shortcomings. Such as large size, large power consumption, strong radiation and easily influenced by magnetization, etc. These defects are caused by the principle of CRT display, impossible fundamentally to change, only for subsequent repair or improved in the problem occurred after solution separately, magnetization phenomenon is a good example. < / p > in the environment of people use the computer not only affected by the earth's magnetic field, and other electrical equipment and communications equipment caused by electromagnetic interference. When the devices in the work, will become a source of electromagnetic, formed around a magnetic field and electromagnetic wave radiation, outward form the size of the magnetic field and the intensity of radiation is decided by the power of these devices. < / p > < p > < / p > LCD display on the system in terms of the whole machine is pure imported parts, or passive components. LCD displays itself without error correction function, the liquid crystal display module can meet the operation timing relationships any reception and no ability to judgment is with the, right and wrong. The wrong signal and error data will produce the wrong control instructions or wrong display design, causes the display of the error. Primary job is to find a interference source to eliminate interference and the interference effect of position, then use effective methods to eliminate or weaken or block, the remedy. < / p > 1。 LCD screen no display, the contrast and no reaction. This kind of phenomenon is because during the period of working, LCD display of the power cord or by the electromagnetic interference on the line, the disturbance pulse, led to the liquid crystal display module is reset. Reset initialization module was the outcome of the internal registers, and turn off the display. Recommend a solution is: if exert on the power line interference, is recommended in the closest to the liquid crystal display module position into a voltage between the power cord VDD and VSS capacitance ( 10uF) And a filter capacitor ( 0. Uf 1 or 0. 01 pf) 。 If interference on the line, is recommended in the most close to the LCD display position between the signal and VSS into a filter capacitor, capacitance 0. Uf 1 or 0. 01uF。 。 The capacitance value choice, need according to actual test results. < / p > 2。 Painting the wrong characters or disorderly point ( Data error) 。 The phenomenon such as translation, or picture upside down. Sometimes cannot recover, can clear screen and write again, even need to electricity, initialization register can be restored. This phenomenon is applied to most because of the interference such as the/WR signal, / RD signals or E, or/CS signal to control signal. Jamming signal is relatively easy to an error in the signal waveform, makes the register parameter was modified by mistake, display unit by mistake write data, etc. The machine running in the system, most programs only partial display area for data write operation, there is no other address write operation or for some only set in the initialization register repeat Settings, so this phenomenon. < / p >
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