How about LCD screen? The manufacturer will tell you!

by:Genyu     2019-12-23

how about LCD screen? Some time ago, a customer asked this question. We often encounter customers asking if this screen is good? What is the price? In fact, good or bad, the price is out of customer demand, how about LCD screen? Of course, different terminal machines will choose different types of screens. LCD screens are currently the most mainstream screens. How about the LCD screen? Next, Jing Yao will come and talk to you one by one:

1. Thin thickness: no electron beam is used, and it does not need to be scanned on the screen surface in sequence like a cathode ray tube, so it does not need to be too thick.

2. Low power consumption: use LEDs (LED) As a light source, no electron beam is used, so the power consumption is low.

3. Mature manufacturing process: Liquid crystal displays have been in the market for more than 30 years, and the manufacturing technology is very mature. Not only is the technology of small-sized liquid crystal displays very mature, but LCD displays have now entered a mature stage.

how about the LCD screen? It is perfect in terms of appearance and internal structure, and it is also very moderate in terms of price, so it will always be in the mainstream position of the display industry. How about the LCD screen? It also depends on what kind of raw materials you choose, so I mentioned earlier that it is related to the needs of customers. If you choose industrial-grade raw materials, its performance will only be more prominent. If you need to choose an LCD screen manufacturer, don't ask how about the LCD screen? Shangjingyao, on-the-spot inspection of the factory, will know whether it is good or not.

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