How do backlight manufacturers choose light guide plates?

by:Genyu     2019-11-23
Backlight products have a wide range of applications, so how do these manufacturers choose a good material? The existing backlight source is basically composed of LED light source, light guide plate, reflection plate, diffusion plate, Prism Light enhancement plate and fixed bracket, among which light guide plate is a very important component of backlight source, the light guide plate is mainly used for uniformly and completely reflecting the linear light source emitted from the LED light source to the diffuser plate and above components to form a surface light source, thus lighting the entire backlight source, it can be seen that the performance of the backlight is mainly determined by the light guide plate in most cases. The existing light guide plate uses optical grade acrylic/PC plate, and then uses high-tech materials with high reflectivity and no light absorption, the light guiding point is printed on the bottom surface of the optical acrylic plate by UV screen printing technology. The optical grade acrylic plate is used to absorb the light emitted from the lamp and stay on the surface of the optical grade acrylic plate. When the light shines on each light guide point, the reflected light will spread to all angles, then the destruction of the reflection condition is emitted from the front of the light guide plate. Through various density and different sizes of light guide points, the light guide plate can be evenly illuminated. The distribution of light scattering dot matrix on the bottom surface of the light guide plate determines the light emitting performance of the light guide plate, and its manufacturing process has changed from the early screen printing process to the integrated injection molding process; Microlens array and microprism array technology have become the mainstream technologies in the design of high-grade light guide plates, and the machining accuracy of molds has reached micron level; Another development trend of light guide plate is integrated design, in order to achieve the purpose of using less and not using optical diaphragm, reducing material cost and realizing light and thin backlight system.
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