How do Industrial LCD screens distinguish between good and bad?

by:Genyu     2019-12-17

As the saying goes, a good horse uses a good saddle, and a good end product should be equipped with a good industrial LCD screen. What is a good industrial LCD screen and what is bad? Next, Jingyao will explain to you how to distinguish between good and bad. Jingyao has been focusing on industrial LCD screens for 10 years and analyzing how to identify them from a professional perspective.

The quality of industrial LCD screens is related to one of the important criteria for judging LCD screens: the number of 'bright spots. What are the highlights? That is, a pixel that continues to shine and does not accept the extinction signal appears in the LCD screen, which is also called a 'bad point' in the line '. Highlights are generally not easy to find, and must be carefully viewed under the black screen of the industrial LCD screen. In fact, in the process of manufacturing LCD panels, the excellent rate cannot reach 100%, so there will be bright spots when leaving the factory.

How to judge the effect of industrial LCD screen? This is a common question for many consumers. In the selection, no matter how beautiful the industrial display manufacturers say the products, the technical indicators and the actual performance of the screen are often different, so we still have to 'see is believing' is the most important.

for some buyers who don't have much professional knowledge of industrial touch screen products, the simplest way is to feel the displayed picture is very comfortable after looking at it, is the best effect. If you look at the first sight and feel that the picture is blurred, the font is unclear, and the eyes are uncomfortable, the quality is definitely not good, and you need to think twice when buying!

If you want to distinguish the quality of industrial LCD screens very professionally, there are still many steps, such as brightness and contrast, bright spots, high and low temperature, service life, visual angle and other aspects of the analysis can draw a correct conclusion! The purchase of industrial display is not only to look at the appearance, more knowledge is welcome to pay attention to Jingyao.

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