How is the contrast of LCD display defined?

by:Genyu     2019-12-22

there is a parameter called contrast in the LCD display. Many consumers do not know what kind of parameters are better and what kind of parameters are worse when facing the parameters. The definition is not very clear, I think everyone has such a question. Jingyao is a professional manufacturer of industrial LCD screens and touch screens. Today, I will introduce to you how the contrast of LCD screens is defined?

LCD Display contrast refers to the measurement of different brightness levels between the brightest white and darkest black in the bright and dark area of an image, the larger the Difference range, the larger the contrast. The smaller the Difference range, the smaller the contrast. A good contrast ratio of 120:1 can easily display vivid and rich colors. When the contrast ratio is as high as 300: 1, you can support the colors of each level. However, there is no effective and fair standard to measure the ratio, so the best way to identify it is to rely on the user's eyes.

The influence of contrast on visual effect is very critical. Generally speaking, the larger the contrast, the clearer the image display effect will be; The small contrast will make the whole picture Gray. High contrast is of great help to the definition, detail and gray level of the image.

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