How long is delivery time of cog lcd?
The delivery time of cog lcd basically is not more than the average time in the market. It is mainly determined by factors like goods quantity, transportation methods, the productivity of our factory. There may be some uncertainties like weather change and delay that have a minor influence on the delivery. Our factory has undergone a productivity upgrade, which effectively improves the annual output of the product. So we can ensure the on-time manufacturing for the order. We work with a reliable logistics company which has a delightful shipment accuracy.
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Shen Zhen Genyu Optical Co., Ltd. is in the leading position in the custom size screen production sector in China. Genyu Optical 's cob lcd series are created based on unremitting efforts. The product has outstanding performance and stable and reliable quality. It is lightweight with a shallow depth. The prospects of this product have been steadily increasing over these years. As the display is only "on" where needed and there is no backlight, it features potentially lower power consumption.

We'll work hard to achieve progress in environmental protection. We will carry out environmental risk assessments to make sure no negative effects will be made on the environment.

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