How long will it take if I want 7-segment lcd sample?
It depends on what kind of segment lcd sample is required. If customers are after a product that does not require customization, namely a factory sample, it will not take long. If customers require a pre-production sample that need customization, it may take a certain period. Asking for a pre-production sample is a good way to test our capability to produce products out of your specifications. Rest assured, we will test the sample before shipping to ensure it lives up to any claims or specifications.

Shen Zhen Genyu Optical Co., Ltd. is a leading cob lcd manufacturer and supplier with a solid global customer base. The Character LCD Module‎ series is one of the main products of Genyu Optical . The production of Genyu lcm displays involves several stages. These stages include procurement of raw materials, welding and fabricating of the base or frame, machining of component parts, painting, and specialty finishing. It is available in sizes ranging from tiny digital watches to very large television receivers. Most of our customers agreed that the product is important in electronic products. It helps prevent the premature failure of the electronic components. It can be disposed of more safely than a CRT can.

As one of the most powerful companies, Genyu strives to become a world-renowned brand. Get an offer!
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