How much do you know about the uniformity of LCD display

by:Genyu     2019-12-28

The brightness uniformity of LCD display screen is an important index to judge the quality of LCD display screen. If the brightness uniformity is not good, it indicates that the backlight light source design of the LCD display screen is not good, and light leakage is also easy to occur. Therefore, a good screen must have a good uniformity. Next, Jingyao will introduce everyone to the knowledge about the uniformity of LCD display.

The brightness of the LCD display screen is uneven, which will lead to a large difference in light and shade on the LCD display screen, our eyeballs consume more energy than usual when dealing with this kind of light and shade difference, so our eyes will easily fatigue when using LCD displays with uneven brightness.

refers to the uniformity of the average brightness distribution of the surface light source, and its calculation method is: minimum brightness ÷ maximum brightness × 100% = uniformity (Data). General internal inspection adds 5% to customer requirements. Generally, small and medium-sized LCD measures the brightness of 9 points. Dividing the measured minimum value by the maximum value is the average degree of LCD. The higher the average degree, the better the consistency of LCD image quality. The ideal uniformity is 100%. The higher the uniformity, the better the brightness consistency of the picture.

In the current display industry market, the supply of LCD display screens has been oversupplied for a long time. Under the increasingly fierce market price competition, LCD display screen manufacturers and suppliers are strictly controlling the production cost. Some manufacturers even begin to simplify the production process in order to reduce the cost. In such a market environment, Jingyao has always adhered to the initial intention to design an industrial-grade LCD display screen and touch screen appropriate to the customer's application scenarios, so that the customer's end products are more competitive.

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