How much is the LCD display? LCD display manufacturers tell you!

by:Genyu     2019-12-22

How much is the LCD screen? This question is often asked. In fact, the price of the display industry is still relatively transparent. There is basically no problem. The profits that LCD display manufacturers can generally obtain are not too rich. However, Jingyao can say that we are genuine and will not attract customers with low prices, and then shoddy. We only make real industrial LCD displays.

is very concerned about the price of the customer, this is also very normal, how much the LCD display will directly affect the overall price of the whole machine, therefore, the end customer may be sensitive to price due to cost considerations, which we can understand, but the amount of LCD display mainly depends on what kind of LCD display the customer needs. Different materials have a great impact on the price.

but Jingyao is more cautious about the price of the LCD display. Our quotation is not mixed with moisture, only the supply of real quality, let you feel the value of the product. Long-term strategic cooperation is what Jingyao wants, not because you care about how much the LCD display is, or because you don't care about the high-profile low price.

Welcome end customers to bring your drawings and requirements. As an LCD display manufacturer, Jingyao will definitely quote you a reasonable price. The selected materials are different, the price will be different. The choice of size is the factor that affects the quotation. In the early stage, I want to know how much the LCD display is. Please also clearly understand the quality you want!

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