How much is the point spacing suitable for the screen?

by:Genyu     2019-11-25
 Pi allow wine strong words mechanical behaviors. So painfully slang careless Nagisa sigh nan yun wine beam drunk  complex Rhapsody the shell coat this take   ji ed display of model number have P10 P16 and for these type, how should we choose? 1. We can choose according to the viewing distance. P generally represents the distance between pixels, while the data behind P is the distance between our two pixels, which we generally call the point distance. Moreover, the smaller the value of this point spacing, the higher the pixel point of the unit, the clearer the displayed picture, and the more suitable for close viewing. 2. If the area of led is within 10 square meters, it is recommended to use the best outdoor led display screen. If the area is between 10 and 20 m² square meters, it is recommended to use P8 full-color led display screen, if the area is between 20 and 100 m² and the viewing distance is away, it is recommended to use p10led display screen. From the above analysis, we can know that there is a close connection between the area and the viewing distance. The farther the viewing distance is, the larger the area of the screen will definitely be, then the requirement for the clarity of the display screen is relatively low, so you can choose a display screen with large dot spacing. Of course, if you have enough money, you can also choose a display screen with small spacing, however, the cost price will be relatively high and the cost performance will be low.
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