How much should LCD display screen be defined?

by:Genyu     2019-12-23

'How much is the LCD screen? ' this should be the most important question for consumers. First of all, it is worth the cost of consumers. How much is the LCD screen, how to define this price to satisfy consumers? Jingyao responded to customers in this way.

some consumers who don't know about LCD screens may feel that the price is expensive or unreasonable. In fact, every display in Jingyao will be based on the needs of the guests, the size of the order, there are also factors such as whether customization is needed and so on to determine the final quotation. Every penny of goods, everyone should understand this truth, quality determines the price, different backlights, different materials prices are not the same.

The Price of Jingyao's LCD display screen is very reasonable. We consider the price you can accept from the perspective of consumers, I believe that our customers can feel our sincerity, Jingyao absolutely respects the quality of the products, and the price of the display is absolutely reasonable.

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