How much will it cost for segment lcd display production?
In this area, the cost on producing segment lcd display changes from production technologies, facilities, to material cost and so on. During the manufacturing process, modern and innovative production technology and equipment play an essential part in ensuring the high performance of the product. Professional manufacturing team will help manufacturers save a great deal of energy and time to work more efficiently. The labor cost is necessary as well.
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With the expanding of lcm lcd, Genyu has caught more and more attention of the customers. Shen Zhen Genyu Optical Co., Ltd.produces a number of different product series, including cog lcd. During the Genyu display cog inspections, several aspects are involved. They are fabric check (weight, odor, hand feel, etc.), sewing check (stitches and seaming), and washing quality. It is capable of showing full-color graphics using Thin-Film-Transistor technology. People praise that the yarn twist, strength, structure, joint/seam strength, as well as its thickness are all precise and exquisite. It comes with a wider range of screen sizes than CRT displays.

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