How to choose a suitable industrial LCD screen?

by:Genyu     2019-12-17

How to choose a suitable industrial LCD screen? Industrial control liquid crystal display is a display applied to industrial control processes or equipment. The main difference between industrial display screen and civil or commercial display screen is that the shell design generally adopts all-steel design. The panel is divided into ordinary iron plate, stainless steel, stainless steel, aluminum panel and other different materials, with special design of dustproof and shockproof, industrial-grade liquid crystal display screens are adopted. Under the condition of high environmental requirements, wide-temperature liquid crystal display screens are considered. At present, only a few large foreign factories produce such display screens, which are more expensive. Industrial liquid crystal displays are mostly used in harsh environments such as high temperature, strong interference and strong vibration. In this environment, ordinary commercial liquid crystal displays are difficult to work normally.

Industrial LCD screen can be divided into embedded type, rack type, open type, custom type, flip type, etc. according to the installation method.

to choose an industrial LCD screen suitable for industrial use, we should choose from the aspects of space, perspective, readability, sustainability/dependency, etc.

1. Space

The Device Design of liquid crystal display is more portable, therefore, it can flexibly support the work that can be completed by valuable equipment under the same conditions. Industrial liquid crystal displays are currently from 6. The 4-inch to 42-inch series are produced and can provide the size of industrial LCD monitors suitable for various industries.

2. Viewing angle in a typical industrial environment, * members prefer to look at the display at an oblique angle instead of the positive angle. Therefore, a picture from different angles (The next before and after) It is important to watch without or with little distortion or color change of the picture. Some techniques are used to improve the viewing effect of liquid crystal displays at oblique angles. Some movie-based technologies usually reach 80 degrees above, 60 degrees below, 80 degrees left and 80 degrees right. These angles are sufficient for many applications, but some applications may require a larger perspective. Jingyao's industrial LCD can be customized for customers with full viewing angle (85 °)Industrial LCD monitors are available for various industries.

3. Readability the readability of the display is another highlight of the LCD. What is important is that displays in industrial applications need to support clear and accurate visual effects from multiple angles in a strong light environment. The vast majority of industrial environments are surrounded by strong light, which challenges the readability of the display. The brighter the environment, the more difficult it is to transmit the liquid crystal display. One of the solutions to improve the readability of the display in the highlighted environment is to improve the contrast without increasing the power consumption. Anti-reflection technology provides benefits to highlight industrial environment. A transflective display features both transmission and reflection. Just as it can be viewed in a dark environment through backlight, it also mentions the performance of reflection, making it extremely readable in a highlighted environment. The industrial display provided by Jingyao company can provide the brightness required by industrial liquid crystal displays suitable for various industries.

4. Sustainability/dependency

The ability to resist temperature changes and vibrations is an important consideration in selecting display screens for contemporary industrial applications.

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