How to Choose the Right VoIP Phone

by:Genyu     2020-06-19
As the size of the VoIP phone industry increases, so does the amount of phone options available to consumers. Choosing the right phone out of the pool can be difficult, but if you focus on these points you are sure to select an option which will work well for you and your business. What Size Display Should Your VoIP Phone Have? VoIP phone displays come in a variety of sizes. Ask yourself if you want a large display, small display, medium display, or if you even care? Display sizes can range from around just 100 pixels wide to 100s of pixels wide. Display height can vary from 20 pixels tall to over 200 pixels tall. Make sure you select a size that works for you. How Many Lines Should Your Phone Support? Before choosing a IP phone you should know how many lines you need your phone to support. Are you a busy executive who needs to be able to place 2 people on hold while talking to a third person? Will the phone need to be used for an assistant or a call center agent who juggles lines all day? If so, you may want a 4 to 6 line phone. On the other hand if you are working in a field where you rarely get calls you may want a simple 2 line VoIP phone. The main idea is that you want to make sure you purchase a phone that supports your call volume and the type of telecom interactions you usually have. What Level of Call Quality do you Demand? Many people like to have HD level call quality with their IP phones. With HD, you can hear the person on the other end much better. The trade off is that in the past these phones have been a little bit more expense. Luckily, as technology has become less expensive with time it has allowed VoIP phones with HD voice to be sold for about the same price as non-HD phones. Before you make your IP phone purchase, make sure you know if HD voice is important to you. How Important is a Backlit LCD? Not every VoIP phone comes with a backlit LCD display, but this can be a welcome addition to some. When you are considering this feature ask yourself two questions, 'Will I ever need to view my display panel in a poorly lit area?' And, 'Are the display aesthetics of my phone important to me?' If the answer to either of these questions is 'Yes' than make sure you purchase a model with a backlit LCD display. Would you like to be Able to use a Headset? Not everyone likes to hold the phone while talking. In fact, many people actually prefer to use a headset to free up their hands for typing and note taking. If you like to talk hands-free make sure you get a VoIP phone which supports a headset, it can be a very nice accessory to utilize. What Capabilities are you Looking for? Most VoIP phones come with a set of basic features, speakerphone, three way calling, call waiting, etc., but there are some advanced features that only come with premium models. This usually includes integration with specific software, ISB ports used to install future applications, XHTML supported microbrowsers, enhanced call handling and compatibility, etc. If certain features are important to you, make sure that feature is listed on the data sheet of the VoIP phone you are evaluating. Summary VoIP phones are becoming increasingly advanced as time goes on and it is important to choose a VoIP phone that fits your personality. If you are a technical person you may benefit from a more advanced model, if you like to keep things simple than take a look at some of the more basic products other there. Regardless of which phone you choose, keep in mind that your VoIP phone service is also extremely important. Make sure to take the time you need to feel comfortable with your VoIP phone and VoIP service decision.
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