How to deal with LCD display screen?

by:Genyu     2019-12-26

any product may have problems of one kind or another during use. The LCD display is fragile and should be especially careful in use, there are often friends who will encounter problems about LCD display screen. What should I do about LCD display screen? What is the general cause, how to deal with the LCD display screen?

LCD display screen, and the picture is very shaking, sometimes even the icon and text can not see clearly, but after a minute or two will return to normal. This phenomenon occurs mostly in humid weather, which is due to moisture inside the display. To completely solve this problem, you can use the moisture-proof sand in the food packaging to string together with cotton thread, then open the back cover of the display and hang the moisture-proof sand near the tube neck near the tube seat. In this way, even in humid weather, there will be no more 'problems '.

LCD display screen, color lines appear on the display screen. In fact, to solve this problem, we must first know that there are two main reasons for the appearance of color lines: first, if it is a full-screen colored line, or a colored line that appears with the change of the display content, usually their position is not fixed, and generally does not fill the entire screen, most of this situation is caused by graphics card problems, such as overheating of video memory or driver errors. The general processing method is to reinstall and set the graphics card driver. If the graphics card is overclocked, please also reduce the rated power, clean the graphics card fan or heat sink and strengthen the chassis heat dissipation.

Secondly, if one or more lines of the LCD display screen cover the entire screen, even if the displayed content changes, the position and color of the lines do not change, most of the reasons are problems with the control chip or cable of the LCD display screen, which can only be sent to the LCD display screen manufacturer for repair. For more questions about LCD display, please consult Jingyao.

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