How to place an order on lcd module factory ?
If you would like to order lcd module factory , please contact our Customer Service. For your benefit, we will sign an agreement that clearly explains the solution. Each detail (regardless of the details may seem insignificant), such as delivery date, warranty terms, material specifications will be stated in a contract. For us, you and us all have a clear, mutually agreed contract is very important. We wish you a successful purchase in China!

Shen Zhen Genyu Optical Co., Ltd. is small lcd screen a global supplier and manufacturer with high quality. The lcm lcd series is one of the main products of Genyu Optical . This product provides incredible longevity and low-maintenance performance. The FPC can be customized to change the PIN definition for the required interface. As an essential ingredient in our daily life, it is frequently used in the manufacturing, construction, or consumer goods industries. Crosstalk is significantly reduced with this product.

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