How to purchase LCD?

by:Genyu     2019-12-18

society is constantly developing, science and technology are constantly improving, more and more products are becoming intelligent, and LCD screens are also favored by consumers. So how to purchase LCD screens?

due to different application scenarios, the functions required are also different, for example, the LCD screen we use outdoors needs its high brightness function, so we should consider its high brightness when purchasing LCD screen; The liquid crystal display produced by Jingyao is higher than the ordinary liquid crystal screen. The ordinary liquid crystal screen is generally not easy to see the image under strong light, and it can provide better viewing vision under strong ambient light.

The purchase of LCD screens should also be based on high contrast; The LCD screen produced by Jingyao uses optical bonding technology and optical adhesive bonding to increase the utilization rate of backlight brightness and brightness of LCM, which can effectively reduce mirror reflectivity and increase the contrast of display folk.

The purchase of LCD screens should also be based on resolution and sensitivity; The LCD screen produced by Jingyao supports multi-touch, fast response, delicate display effect, clear, realistic, beautiful, high resolution and high sensitivity.

purchasing LCD screens should also be considered in terms of life span; The LCD screen produced by Jingyao has the special functions of high and low temperature resistance, waterproof, anti-drop and shockproof. If you want to buy LCD screens, Jingyao is a good manufacturer.

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