How to repair the LCD screen?

by:Genyu     2019-12-14
In life, some people often find a small editor when the LCD screen is broken and ask how to repair it? In fact, this is a very professional problem, because precision instruments can not be explained clearly in a word or two, so today I will tell you how the LCD screen is repaired! The most commonly used method is the intuitive viewing method, which means that when the LCD screen works abnormally, most of the problem phenomena can be found from the display screen and other monitors (Such as flower screen, black screen, color problem, etc). According to the problem phenomenon investigated during maintenance, combined with the cause and process of the problem provided by the user, the location of the problem may be preliminarily determined after analysis. Because the circuit structure of the liquid crystal display screen is relatively complex, the same problem phenomenon may occur when problems occur in different parts, that is, a problem phenomenon may be caused by various reasons. This requires careful investigation, examination and analysis, then coarse selection, false removal and truth preservation, and finally finding out the real problem parts until the problem is eliminated. The visual viewing method mainly includes external viewing, internal viewing and power-on viewing. (1) External view: the problem of viewing the LCD screen should start from the outside, and check whether the keys and switches on the operation panel are normal and whether the power connection is connected according to the working mode of the machine, whether the video signal line is connected normally, etc. (2) Internal view: if no abnormality is found in the external view, disassemble the display housing and view the internal circuit. Investigate whether the solder joints and connecting wires of components are soldered, desoldered, the pins are mildewed, the plug-ins are loose, the circuit lines of printed circuit boards are broken, and the components are burnt, burst or leaked. (3) Power-on check: turn on the power switch to investigate whether the power indicator light is on and whether there is sparking, heating, scorching smell and smoke in the machine. 1. LCD maintenance tips recommended: The display has no electricity. This can be said to be a relatively simple fault. This is generally divided into two types: internal power supply and external power supply, this is a relatively common problem outside the machine. No matter what kind of power supply, its structure is much simpler than that of crt display. Generally speaking, it is vulnerable to those small components, such as Fuse, input inductor, switch tube, Zener diode, etc. However, the relatively rare fault is that the power supply caused by the motherboard cpu does not start, and the principle of this part is relatively simple, that is, through the key control board to the cpu, then the cpu outputs a control signal to drive the power conversion integrated circuit to work. 2, LCD repair tips recommended: The display is not lit when it is lit, but the power indicator is always on, this kind of problem is generally caused by what kind of high voltage abnormality, this is also the action of the protection circuit. In this case, there is a display on the LCD screen, but the method of viewing is 'oblique '. The key point of maintenance is to compare the repair method. Because, the design of the high-voltage board of the current liquid crystal display is generally symmetrical, and there may be basically no bad on both sides. Generally speaking, the step-up transformer and lamp tube are more prone to problems than the old machine, and the protection circuit and process problems of the new machine are more common. 3, LCD repair tips recommended: screen bright line or dark line this problem is a fault of the LCD screen, the bright line fault is generally the problem of the cable connecting the LCD screen body. The dark line is generally the leakage of the screen body. If the above two problems are basically not repaired, because the price of a screen is too high. 4, LCD maintenance tips recommended: Flower screen or white screen. This kind of problem is generally a problem with the driving voltage of the screen. If the driving circuit of the screen is on the motherboard, it may be the fault of your motherboard, if the driver circuit of the screen is on the LCD screen, it should be changed at this time, and the risk of maintenance is relatively large. 5, LCD maintenance tips recommended: color cast fault. This kind of problem is relatively simple. Generally speaking, it is only necessary to enter the maintenance adjustment mode for adjustment. 6, LCD maintenance tips recommended: other relatively rare fault interference. In fact, it is necessary to understand that under different working modes, liquid crystal displays may have some interference. In most cases, this is a normal phenomenon, and a few are brought by circuits. Because of the special production process of liquid crystal display, the problem detected only in the standard working mode can be regarded as a fault. Summary: What are the relevant contents of the LCD maintenance tips recommendation and LCD common problems? These are the more common problems, when repairing, it should be solved according to relevant reasons, so as to help you deal with the problem.
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